Sunday, 6 February 2011

2 Sides 2 Every Story - Snow White & The Evil Queen

Snow White & The Evil Queen

Side One: In a lonely Seattle Coffee House, self-confessed melancholic "Goth grrl" Snow White (Valina Cutler) muses on the different types of sadness, her step-mom’s attempts to kill her, and the horrendous noise made by seven atonal dwarfs attempting to sing.

Side Two: Surrounded by cats who aren’t quite what they seem, the Evil Queen (Sally Wiget), a bitchy old star whose glamour has long since faded, talks about her fear of looking in the mirror, the art of deceit, and how magick is the answer to absolutely everything, darling.

With Kat Waterflame as the Interviewer.

Written by Vince Stadon
Produced by Jeff Niles

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