Friday, 12 August 2011

MOSH 302 - The Misadventure of the Camberwell Amethyst

The Misadventure of the Camberwell Amethyst

"It is audacious and cunning, and quite, quite brilliant!"

When a daring confidence trick goes badly wrong, Mr Sherlock Holmes is jolted out of a prolonged stupor, Dr Watson finds himself in need of a prescription for headache tablets, and Mrs Hudson discovers a fresh corpse on her finest Argyle rug.

Who are the mysterious lodgers in the top floor flat of a famous residential address?

What is the significance of the Hogarth Variation?

Where is Watson’s notebook?

And just what exactly is The Camberwell Amethyst?

In one of the most baffling cases of his career, the reinvigorated detective must find the answers to all these questions… before his faithful chronicler joins him for a seriously heavy drinking session at a seedy London pub.

Starring Jeff Niles, Elie Hirschman, Kae Woo, Joe Thomas, Wayne Heyward, Peter Heimsoth, David Ault, Jonathan Patrick Russell, and Tom Stadon.

Written by Vince Stadon, Produced and Directed by Jeff Niles.

Music by Alain Morin, and First Com,

Executive Producers: Jonithan Patrick Russell (for Dream Realm Enterprises), Jeff Niles. Wayne Heyward and Valina Cutler (for the 4077th).


  1. Ah, what have we here? Oh, yes! It's a new misadventure. Most enjoyable to listen indeed. And what is this? Jeff Niles doing his fabulous Holmes imitation! He must have collaborated with Elie Hirschman to deliver such delightful dialogue. And do I detect the masterful hand of Vince Stadon? Most fabulous indeed!

  2. Thanks for the comment Jesse, we will have another new MOSH soon!! Jeff Niles