Sunday, 19 December 2010

MOSH 301 - The Misadventure of the Sinister Noose

The Misadventure of the
Sinister Noose

"You follow me around like a bad cold, Mr Holmes; and you are similarly difficult to shake off."

Over three bright spring mornings in 1888, the kindly Reverend of the largest Parish Church in England is horrified to discover that the church is being desecrated with terrifying images of violent death.

 Are supernatural forces at work? Why does Dr Watson want Mr Sherlock Holmes to refuse the case? What clues are to be found within a humble bramble bush and atop a mighty fifty-foot oak tree? 

In hot pursuit of secrets buried deep in the past, and a man who can foretell destiny, Sherlock Holmes must descend into London's deprived East End to find the answers. 

But does the true horror lie in the contents of Dr Watson's stomach?

The Misadventure of the Sinister Noose

Starring Jeff Niles, Elie Hirschman, Wayne Heyward, Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard, Dave Weaver, Jon Morss, Catherine “the Boo” Stadon, and Lilly Spiller.

Written by Vince Stadon, Produced and Directed by Jeff Niles. 

Music by Alain Morin, First Comm, and Jeff Niles & Iggy Pop. 

Executive Producers: Jonithan Patrick Russell (for Dream Realm Enterprises), Wayne Heyward and Valina Cutler (for the 4077th).

With thanks to: AAP, Kae Woo, the remastered “Abbey Road” album, and special thanks to Kat Waterflame.


  1. Great episode, as always (I love the MOSH humor and Elie Hirschman's Watson). Would like to hear more! Any ETA on the next episode?

  2. How do I download the mp3 for this episode ?

  3. The dates of these comments seem to be messed up somehow :P. @ANDY: look for this sentence above:

    To download this episode, right-click here and select "Save link as..."

    It's all the way at the end of the article, just above the comments section. Click on the word "here" with your right mouse button and click the "Save link as..." option.