2 Sides 2 Every Story

Think you know the story?  Think again!
Classic tales of literature, myth, history and legend as you’ve never heard them before... straight from the mouths of the characters themselves.  

We’ve interviewed the key participants in the most famous and enduring stories of them all, and in five- to -ten minute monologues these legends give wildly contradictory accounts of what really happened...

Think you know the characters?  Think again!
Speaking candidly and definitively in an attempt to set the record straight, these famous figures finally reveal their true natures... shattering their popular images.


Mary Shelley's classic tale of man dabbling in the creation of his Prometheus has never been told like this! (Well... Rocky Horror might have gotten the ball rolling!) This is modern tale told to our Interviewer (Kat Waterflame) in two separate interviews. First, with a fashion conscious Scientist/Designer/TV Personality (Viktor Aurelius) - and second, his Creation/Musical Icon (Wayne Hayward and Steve White) with a little help from his Interpreter (Kristy Glick)!

Superman & Batman

Two Super-Heroes who have polar-opposite opinions when it comes to protecting their citizens from Criminals, but when they have a more personal matter get in between them - it is a No-Holds-Barred fight. Join our interviewer (Kat Waterflame) as she sheds some light on the true natures of Superman (Ted Wenskus) and Batman (Viktor Aurelius) with some news from Alfred the Butler (Jeff Niles).

At Whitby Mental Asylum, Van Helsing (Elie Hirschman) talks candidly--if not altogether lucidly--of his epic war against the armies of the undead and his pathological fear of bats; whilst in Transylvania, the reclusive Count Dracula (Paeter Frandsen) moans about the property market and the exploitation of his image.

Faust & Mephistopheles
Ruthless Wall Street trader Faust (Jeff Niles) reveals how his bargain with the Devil was merely a case of astute Insider Dealing and sound fiscal policy; Mephistopheles (Cookie Colletti) takes us on a guided tour of Hell and tells us about her love of Soul Music.

Little Red Riding Hood & The Big Bad Wolf
Poolside at her L.A. mansion, not-so little Red Riding Hood (Kae Woo) gossips about fashion, make-up, cute boys, and a certain wolf; serving time in a Correctional Facility, the cool and wily Big Bad Wolf (Jonithan Patrick Russell) chews over the art of the Long Con, and repents his career as a professional con artist.

Interviewed by a tenacious reporter (Kat Waterflame), the meek and mild, yet devilish handsome Doctor Henry Jekyll (Peter Heimsoth) blathers on about his attempts to become an actor, the duality of man’s personality, and the erratic sleeping habits of Edinburgh lawyers; and witty New York Crime Boss Mister Edward Hyde (Jeff Niles), recounts his lonely days of isolation, the stigma of being repulsively ugly, and his theory that the world is run by good-looking idiots.

Based on the enduring legend of Robin Hood, as popularised by Sir Walter Scott in “Ivanhoe”

At the Stag and Hounds pub in Nottingham, England, we share a few lagers with thuggish amateur darts player Robin Hood (Jeff Niles), and hear his alarming views on destiny, the English Working Class, the influx of foreigners, violence as a solution, the Merry Men, and all that... 

As he watches the waves lap against the shore on Ocean Beach, San Diego, the ex-Sheriff of Nottingham (Dave Weaver) enthuses about his new vocation as a Life Guru and guitarist, seeks to resolve his anger issues, and strives to come to terms with his antagonistic relationship with the Hooded Man.

Side One: In a lonely Seattle Coffee House, self-confessed melancholic "Goth grrl" Snow White (Valina Cutler) muses on the different types of sadness, her step-mom’s attempts to kill her, and the horrendous noise made by seven atonal dwarfs attempting to sing.

Side Two: Surrounded by cats who aren’t quite what they seem, the Evil Queen (Sally Wiget), a bitchy old star whose glamour has long since faded, talks about her fear of looking in the mirror, the art of deceit, and how magick is the answer to absolutely everything, darling.