Friday, 29 September 2017

DOC FAUSTUS - Episode 1

Doc Faustus and the Frankenstein Factory
Chapter 1 “The Shimmering Shadows of Terror”

Written by C. Wayne Owens

Produced by Viktor Aurelius

Synopsis: A warning is sent to Doc Faustus in the shape of an unearthly Thing!

Monday, 25 September 2017

RIP JARVIS of the Space Cadets - Episode 25

This is the Series Finale of
RIP JARVIS of the Space Cadets

Written by C. Wayne Owens, Joshua Upshaw & Rachel Kaub

Tuesday, 19 September 2017


Meet Doc Faustus & the Secret Six

Doc Faustus - played by Julian Bane
Trained from early childhood this 6”9’ Bronze Goliath has been taught every field of science. He excels in Medicine, Chemistry, Geology, Biology, Botany and Psychology. He has also mastered mountain climbing, deep sea diving, fencing, nearly every form of hand to hand combat, can (though he doesn’t) use any form of guns. When he went through the great war he learned the value of every life and therefore refuses, unless given no other choice, to take any life. He emits a musical whistle at times of extreme concentration that even he is not always aware of, but anyone who knows Doc can identify it in a second. He is the ultimate adventurer and helps those who need help, punishes those who deserve it and always stands by the innocent.

Doctor Thursday - played by Pete Lutz
Flaming Bullfrogs!” this ejaculation identifies the 6”3’ physician. His red hair and mammoth frame stood out anywhere, but were dwarfed by the man’s infectious smile.

Baxter Platt - played by Cary Ayers
One of the great engineers of the world, a master of electricity and, with his pair of black .45’s always present, a fearsome foe. “Leaping Lightning!” was his trademark exclamation.

Mike McAvoy - played by Mat Weller
The owner of a pair of bread loaf sized hands the former World Champion Boxer and current master of mechanics and hydraulics. He joked that he could punch his way through anything short of armor plating without even trying.

Mary Jane Rubarb - played by Melody Gaines
The raven haired beauty is known as the world’s most noted expert on chemistry and botany. She is also one of the best swordsmen on the planet.

James Jesse - played by Wayne Heyward
Known to his friends as “JJ” and the world over as the king of mathematics and physics, as well as someone trained in every form of hand to hand combat known to man, he was lightning in any kind of fight.

Matland Terhune Bergoin - played by Gary Scales
The lanky Black Man worked in the lab as well as any of them, but his real bailiwick was History & Anthropology. Mat could also make any object you picked up and tossed to him into a deadly weapon. He had once stopped a fleeing robber by slashing his Achilles tendon with a playing card. With degrees from Harvard, Yale and M.I.T. the man they called MTB was a wonderful addition to any team.

Individually they were impressive, but the Secret Six were an army that could overthrow nation states if they wanted to, but they would rather save lives and honor justice at the side of Doc Faustus.

And you will learn about:

The BOSS - played by Jeff Niles

and his henchmen:

Renny - played by C. Wayne Owens

Hinky - played by John Bell

Hardy - played by Glenn Hibburt

as you listen to the series!

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

RIP JARVIS of the Space Cadets - Episode 24

Just one more RIP JARVIS episode after this one!

RIP JARVIS of the Space Cadets
Written by C. Wayne Owens, Joshua Upshaw & Rachel Kaub