Sexagonal Phrase

A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Fan-Based Spin-off

“Sexagonal Phrase” (aka “Dirty Words”) is a play-on-words of “Hexagonal Phase” the most recent H2G2 series on BBC 4 radio. Instead of a writer for the "Guide", our story follows a writer for “Playbeing Magazine” who uses Sexagonal Phrase as his Pen Name. After causing a scene in his Editor's plush office, this writer is unexpectedly Trans-Matted to Earth. The current year is 1967. Expect several nods to Douglas Adams – my all time favorite writer! (Note the wrapper in the Graphic above)

And you MUST listen to the Companion Episodes where characters are interviewed on the Late Night "Adult" Talk Show "Playbeing Channel Presents" hosted by everyone's favorite naughty girl: Eccentrica Gallumbits! These "Sexy" interviews will shed more light on characters and give you several laughs as well!

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SEASON TWO - in 2019

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Disclaimer: Please note that this Audio Series is not intending to supersede or infringe any other existing copyright in relation to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy or its concepts and sounds, which remain property of the British Broadcasting Corporation and its creator Douglas Adams.

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