Friday, 27 May 2016

Involved with any of our shows? Get in touch!

Involved with the 4077th Productions? Get in touch!


We here at the 4077th Productions are putting together a little behind-the-scenes featurette, as part of our relaunch in July. We've cleaned and dusted, opened up the gates of hell to unleash hordes of ravenous undead evil entities that will rip apart the fabric of reality and plunge us into a nightmare world of eternal darkness, and we've put up brand new floral patterned curtains. So we're ready and prepared, apart from one thing: You!

If you've been involved in any of our audio productions – as a writer, actor, director, artist, producer, director, stunt person, mime artist, or just because you threatened us with violence – we'd love for you to record a one-line greeting, saying who you are and what you've done for the 4077th. And if you can't remember what you've done, just make something up.

Please send your audio file – one short sentence of you saying hello, telling us your name, and what you've done for us – as an MP3 file to Vince Stadon ( by June 20th.

Below is an exhaustive list of all the credits on all our shows – if you're on the list we want to hear from you!

Joseph Abass, David Ault, Julian Bane, Jim Barbour, Kurt Bergeron, Sharon Blumberg, Elizabeth Bond, Kyle Borcz, Michael Breckenridge, Eric Busby, Paul W. Campbell, Carpenter's Notch (band), Garry Cobbum, Cookie Colletti, Craig Cooksey, Lesa Dyer Cross, Dani Cutler, Valina Cutler, Frank Def, McKenna DeYoung, Caith Donovan, Lisa Dousharm, David Drage, First Com, Billy Flynn, Mary Genevieve Fortier, Paeter Frandsen, M. Sieiro Garcia, Dan Gerics, Cheyenne Gibbs, Alex Gilmore, Kristy Glick, Teg Grey, Lora Griffith, Shane Harris, Neil Hefti, Peter Heimsoth, Lisanne Heyward, Wayne Heyward, Glenn Hibburt, Elie Hirschman, Megan Hussey, Paula Hutson, Eleiece Krawiec, D.T. Kelly, Frank Lamerd, Patrick Lewis, Stafania Lintonbon, Darrell Looney, Pete Lutz, H. Keith Lyons, Kevin MacLeod, Chris Scott Marcellus, Donna Marie, Tanja Milojavic, Barry Moffett, Alain Morin, Jon Morss, Rita Nash, Laura Nicole, Joel Nisbit, Radiah Nunez, Jon Pekay, Purple Planet (band), Leonardo Ramirez, Bryan Reid, Michael Romero, Nicholas Rowley, Rachel Rumler, Jonithan Patrick Russell, Jon Sayles, David Schutz II, D. S. Scott, Oro Shango, Abner Senires, Mark Slade, Lee J. Sniff, Michael Stokes, Maggie Strain, Cpt. John Tadrzak, Joe Thomas, Matthew Turner, Cousin Vampire, R. J. Vincent, Natalie Van Sistine, Gary Washington, Kat Waterflame, Karen Elizabeth Waters, Dave Weaver, Mat Weller, Catherine Levine Wendell, Ted Wenskus, Steve White, Perry Whittle, Sally Wiget, Kae Woo, Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard, E.S. Wynn

Sincere apologies if we've missed anyone, or if we've spelled your name incorrectly, or if we never turned up at the place to do that thing we promised we'd do with you.

Please pass this message along, spread it around so that we can reach as many people as possible, though obviously keep this quiet from the federal authorities as they still think we're dead from that boating “accident,” and thus believe that we don't owe them any more money. 

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Teaser scene for the brand new MOSH stories coming soon!

Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson will be back for a brand new three-part epic misadventure!

Doctor Watson, do you have your service revolver? I wish to kill Mr Sherlock Holmes!”
--Mrs Florence Dickinson.

London, late December1888. Snowy.

As Mr Sherlock Holmes assists Scotland Yard detective Inspector Tobias Gregson with his arduous caseload, a series of increasingly grizzly murders rather hampers Dr Watson's amorous attempts to woo a pretty young lady. And then a tax inspector is executed in broad daylight by a bizarre costumed assassin.

What is the significance of a photograph of the Fifth Northumberland Fusiliers? How does it all connect to an expectant widow? And will it ever stop snowing?

Find out in July 2016 with the release of The Misadventure of the Expectant Widow, a funny and thrilling three-part audio drama from the 4077th Productions.

Starring Jeff Niles, Elie Hirschman, Valina Cutler, Wayne Heyward, Peter Heimsoth, Lisanne Heyward, David Ault, Perry Whittle, Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard, Viktor Aurelius, Craig Cooksey, Matthew Turner and David Shultz II. Produced by Jeff Niles. Written and directed by Vince Stadon.

Listen to a 90 second clip from the story here: