Behold the Beauty

 "All Better Audio" in association with "The 4077th" presents
Based on the story by Megan Hussey

This is a Fairy Tale for Adults. It contains some sexual content and is not for anyone under 17 years old.


Update from Megan Hussey June 2014!

Hello Everyone!  As most of you know, Viktor and Jeff staged a beautiful audio production of Behold the Beauty, my reverse take on the legend of Beauty and the Beast.  Well now Satin Romance has released the Behold novella as a single-title book; and we actually found a cover model hawt enough to portray Beau (shock of all shocks!).  Please enjoy:

From Megan Hussey, the author of "Behold the Beauty":
(Aug 2012)

As a lifetime lover of fairy tales, I always wondered as to why no author had offered a reverse take on the classic tale Beauty and the Beast; a story that featured a heroine whose incredible strength and unusual appearance made her a pariah among her own people and culture, and of a beautiful prince of a hero who was far more than he appeared; a man with a golden heart who found his love and his equal in the woman who others saw as a beast.
Through the years I had scattered visions of the story that came to be known as Behold the Beauty.  I saw a powerful healer with fire red hair and a heart of gold.  I saw the most beautiful hero I'd ever envisioned, riding a horse through the forest in search of true love and a more meaningful life.  These imagined scenes remained just that until Mae Powers, a dear friend of mine at Midnight Showcase (now Melange Books) publishing, asked me to write an erotic fairy tale that really pushed the envelope, challenging my bounds as an erotic author.
I knew then that the time had come for Behold the Beauty.
The story of Prince Beausoleil, Agnatha the Healer, and the godling Edgar became a 20,000 word historical novella; an adult fairy tale of a prince who falls in love with the most reviled woman of his village; the healer Agnatha, who saves his life after a nasty fall from his trusted steed Xavier.  Since its debut in the beautiful Melange erotic digest Dieties of Desire, the story has earned glowing praise from erotica critics as well as some deep hatred from Beauty and the Beast fans; but I think that its mixed reception proves the strong nature of the story, which is strongly feminist in tone and is equal parts sweet and deeply sexual, humorous and dramatic.  
After its publication in both Dieties and my own author's digest at Melange, All the Queen's Men, I dreamed of seeing this story produced in some way; maybe as an erotic film?  A play?  A video?  But when my dear friends Viktor Aurelis and Jeff Niles asked for a story that they could produce at All Better Audio, their wonderful audio production company, I knew that my dream had finally come true.  I've actually had tears in my eyes as, through the magnificent voice actors chosen for this production, I've finally been able to hear the voices of Beau, Edgar, the king, the narrator, and of course my belov'd Aggie.
I thank them for this opportunity, and I invite you all to enjoy the world of Behold the Beauty.

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