Thursday, 29 October 2015

2 Sides 2 Every Story - Doctor Frankenstein and the Monster

2 Sides 2 Every Story - 
Doctor Victor Frankenstein and the Monster
Two Sides to Every Story was created by Vince Stadon.
Doctor Frankenstein and the Monster was written by Viktor Aurelius and Vince Stadon.

Based on characters created by Mary Shelley.

Synopsis: Mary Shelley's classic tale of man dabbling in the creation of his Prometheus has never been told like this! (Well... Rocky Horror might have gotten the ball rolling!) This is modern tale told to our Interviewer (Kat Waterflame) in two separate interviews! First, with a fashion conscious Scientist/Designer/TV Personality (Viktor Aurelius) - and second, his Creation/Musical Icon (Wayne Hayward and Steve White) with a little help from his Interpreter (Kristy Glick)!


Jeff Niles as the Announcer

Kat Waterflame as the Interviewer

Viktor Aurelius as Doctor Victor Frankenstein

Wayne Hayward as the Mumbling Monster's voice

Steve White as Merle (Frankenstein's Monster/The Creature)

Kristy Glick as The Interpreter

Jeff Niles as Angry Villager #1

Wayne Heyward as Angry Villager #2

Pete Lutz as Angry Villager #3

Viktor Aurelius as Angry Villager #4

Music by First Com

Franz Waxman


Sound Design by Viktor Aurelius

© The 4077th and ALL BETTER AUDIO (2015)

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