Friday, 21 October 2011

MOSH 303 - The Misadventure of the Inexpert Testimony

The Misadventure of the
Inexpert Testimony

"Gregson, you can't surely believe Holmes to be a murderer?  It's preposterous!"

It's the Trial of the Century as Mr Sherlock Holmes--"The Bloody Butcher of Baker Street"--stands accused of the brutal murder of a young woman! 

As Dr Watson deals with the press, Inspector Gregson smells something nasty, and Mrs Hudson cooks roasted duck (with orange and asparagus sauce), a dangerous game of cat and mouse is played out in the Central Court Room at The Old Bailey. 

To save himself from the gallows, Sherlock Holmes must outwit a bloodthirsty Judge, an unrepentant blackmailer, and a brilliant, ambitious Court Prosecutor ... and he must do so with the eyes of the world watching on with ghoulish fascination. 

The Misadventure of the Inexpert Testimony

Starring Jeff Niles and Elie Hirschman with Perry Whittle, Sally Wiget, Jim Barbour, Wayne Heyward, David Ault, Lisanne Heyward, Peter Heimsoth, Valina Cutler, and Viktor Aurelius.

Written by Vince Stadon, Produced and Directed by Jeff Niles. 

Music by Alain Morin, and First Com.

Executive Producers: Jeff Niles, Wayne Heyward and Valina Cutler (for the 4077th).

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  1. Nice episode! Though this one didn't get my neighbours complaining about laughter noises. It seemed rather... serious. Perhaps this is caused by the relatively small role of Watson himself in the story, or by the lack of actual investigation (Ah, what have we here? :)).