Saturday, 30 October 2010

Jeff Niles Presents... The Signal-Man

From The 4077th Productions and Dream Realm Enterprises

Spine-tingling audio drama for Halloween 2010!

A ghost story
by Charles Dickens

Set in the nineteenth century, this terrifying classic ghost story revolves around an adventurous traveller who happens upon the post of an eccentric railway Signal-man. The Signal-man recounts the story of a mysterious spectre which has been haunting him this past year. Is he losing his mind, or are ominous supernatural forces intent on shaping his destiny? 

Starring: Jeff Niles, Joe Thomas and Peter Heimsoth

Adapted for audio by Vince Stadon  /  Produced & Directed by Jeff Niles  /  Sound Design by the 4077th 

Music with kind permission of First Com / Executive Producers for the 4077th: Jeff Niles, Wayne Heyward & Valina Cutler / Executive producer for Dream Realm Enterprises: Jonithan Patrick Russell

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