Saturday, 30 October 2010

2 Sides 2 Every Story - Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

From the 4077th Productions & Dream Realm Enterprises

This Halloween we are proud to present a very special episode of our audio comedy series...

Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde

Interviewed by a tenacious reporter (Kat Waterflame), the meek and mild, yet devilishly handsome Doctor Henry Jekyll (Peter Heimsoth) blathers on about his attempts to become an actor, the duality of man’s personality, and the erratic sleeping habits of Edinburgh lawyers; and witty New York Crime Boss Mister Edward Hyde (Jeff Niles), recounts his lonely days of isolation, the stigma of being repulsively ugly, and his theory that the world is run by good-looking idiots.

Specially recorded LIVE by all three actors at Jeff Niles’s House of Horrors! (With post-production tweaking and music to cover up their embarrassing moments, and the bit when someone let a dog loose in the room and it needed to go to the toilet.)

Written by Vince Stadon / Produced and Directed by Jeff Niles

Sound Design by The 4077th / Music by permission of First Comm

Executive Producers for The 4077th: Jeff Niles, Wayne Heyward and Valina Cutler

Executive Producer Dream Realm Enterprises: Jonithan Patrick Russell

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