Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Sexagonal Phrase - Episode 203

The Truffles Gambit”

Written and Produced by Viktor Aurelius

Synopsis: Sharp (aka Voslo) is battling a nemesis from his past, while the crew of the Stiletto, and Joss in his Barbearitus Armor, fight an onslaught of ships and tanks that threaten the survival of the Prisoners and themselves. Bud faces Sister Subordinate, while Doctor Slaraand and his Truffles hologram join the fray! And what about WAD-O?!

It Starred

Jonithan Patrick Russell as Kreghono

Deborah Adams as Lucy Sharp

Gary Scales as Joss

C. Wayne Owens as Stiletto and Doctor Arlan Slaraand

Ted Wenskus as Bud Daniels

Steve White as Sister Subordinate

Jeff Niles as WAD-O

Cary Michael Ayers as Guy Sharp aka G'Una Voslo

Stephanie Longshaw as Sister Superior

Carol MacPherson as the Nun Overlord

Dave Morgan as the Tank Pilot

Vince Stadon as Nimrod aka the Boss

Pete Lutz as Korpax Spawill

Music by Kevin MacLeod

Sound Design by Viktor Aurelius

© The 4077th and ALL BETTER AUDIO (2019)

Please note that this Audio Series is not
intending to supersede or infringe any other existing copyright in
relation to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy or its concepts and
sounds, which remain property of the British Broadcasting Corporation
and its creator Douglas Adams.

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