Monday, 14 August 2017

RIP JARVIS of the Space Cadets - Episode 22

RIP JARVIS returns in all new Episodes!

RIP JARVIS of the Space Cadets
Written by C. Wayne Owens, Joshua Upshaw & Rachel Kaub


Narrator - C. Wayne Owens

Rip Jarvis - Peter Heimsoth

Doo Dah, Princess Comely, Thelma - Rachel Kaub

Woof - Jym DeNatale

Doiby - Pete Lutz

Floyd Barber, Taboo - Cary Michael Ayers

Limey - Nicholas Rowley

Specs - Viktor Aurelius

Kahnwrath - Joe J. Thomas

Kahnwrath's Boys - Jeff Niles, Pete Lutz & Viktor Aurelius

© C. Wayne Owens/The 4077th and All Better Audio

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