Monday, 1 May 2017

Lance Hardwick Mysteries - Curses of the Mummy

Lance Hardwick Mysteries 
“Curses of the Mummy”

Synopsis: The curator of the museum begs Lance and his sidekick to locate a missing Mummy! But BEWARE the Mummy's MANY CURSES! 
OY! You have no idea how many curses!

Written, directed and produced by Viktor Aurelius and Jeff Niles

Featured in the cast were:

Viktor Aurelius as Dick Reardon

Jeff Niles as Lance Hardwick

Rachel Rumler as Gay Schlafen

Wayne Owens as Ester Oyblomovitz

Steve White as George Burns

Julie Hoverson as Gracie Allen

Ted Wenskus as the Announcer

Pete Lutz as Schleppy Greenbaum

Viktor Aurelius as the Audience Member

Cary Michael Ayers as Buddy Herskovitz

and Steve White as The Mummy

Music by Kevin MacLeod ( )

And Klezmerica! (

Sound Design by Viktor Aurelius

© The 4077th and ALL BETTER AUDIO (2017)

Want to learn MORE about Yiddish Phrases? Did Lance confuse you?

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