Tuesday, 14 February 2017

RIP JARVIS of the Space Cadets - Episode 10

RIP JARVIS returns in all new Episodes!

RIP JARVIS of the Space Cadets

Written by C. Wayne Owens, Joshua Upshaw & Rachel Kaub


Narrator, Esther - C. Wayne Owens

Rip Jarvis - Peter Heimsoth

Doo Dah, Princess - Rachel Kaub

© C. Wayne Owens/The 4077th and All Better Audio

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  1. (repost from Audo Productions group on FB)
    I've been checking out your site, and it seems that, unlike your other productions, episodes of this serial are only playable via the audio player at archive.org, while the download links there yield "page not found" errors. Is this intentional? I almost exclusively listen to audio shows on an mp3 player.