Thursday, 28 July 2016

RIP JARVIS of the Space Cadets

We are honored to formally announce the addition of
to our website!

This hilarious spoof of Science Fiction radio of the 40's, was produced in the 80's, and is SOON to have brand new episodes! Read more about the origin of RIP JARVIS of the SPACE CADETS!

The Origin of Rip Jarvis
by C. Wayne Owens

The birth of our “More Fiction than Science Fiction” Hero was a long time coming. Rip is equal parts
of several parents. He was born, first, of the old Science Fiction serials. Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers took us to the stars without making us ever have to wonder about how. Follow that with my love of old time radio ala Stan Freeberg, who showed us that anything could happen if we put it between your ears. Then there came another inspiration, and that was Chicken-man. A five day a week, five minute a day radio phenomenon of the 1970’s. Quick jokes cloaked in an adventure serial that was off the hook every day. Put them together and you start seeing our protagonist in the making. Then you get a producer like Bob Reeder to put it all together, writer/performers the quality of Rachel Kaub and Joshua Upshaw and soon you see the whole insanity in high gear. Rip and his Robot Sidekick ZPD-Doo-Dah flying the universe battling such menaces as Dr. Blagard and the Dreaded, many-headed Kwai for the honor of Princess Comely of the planet Pulcra-2. It’s just plain silliness taken to the ninth degree. Keep listening. Rip and Doo-Dah are really in it this time!

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