Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Jeff Niles Presents - The Cello Man

Jeff Niles Presents: THE CELLO MAN

Based on the Poem by DS Scott
Adapted to Audio by Mark Slade
Rated PG-13

Synopsis: In the shadows lurks a twisted presence. Is he a Man, or is he much more? He stalks and he Kills! It is a mystery how and why he does this! Some say he uses the bodies of beautiful, talented young girls for his art! His Music! Tonight the truth will be revealed. The twisted, evil TRUTH of the CELLO MAN!


Cheyenne Gibbs as Lilly

Laura Nicole as Mira

Maggie Strain as Tina

McKenna DeYoung as Female on Phone

Viktor Aurelius as Janko

McKenna DeYoung as Janet

Jeff Niles as the Cabbie and the Dispatcher

Pete Lutz as Saroyan

Music by Kevin MacLeod ( )

Bach Cello Solos by Antonio Janigro

Sound Design by Viktor Aurelius

© The 4077th and ALL BETTER AUDIO (2015)

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