Friday, 17 August 2012

Behold the Beauty - Episode One

 RATED NC-17 for Sexual Content 

Episode Synopsis

Once upon a time... in the Kingdom of Ravenshead, Prince Beausolei has grown weary of women who constantly swoon and offer themselves too readily. He wishes to find someone to be his true love and equal. He soon encounters Agnatha, a strong-willed healer and her mystical Godling companion who prefer the solace of their home in the woods. Will sparks arise?

Written by Megan Hussey
Audio Play by Viktor Aurelius

Featured in the CAST:

Viktor Aurelius as the Narrator and the Merchant

Jon Pekay as Prince Beausolei

Jeff Niles as King Benjamin and Passerby 1

Rita Nash as Agnatha

Megan Hussey as Passerby 2 and Beau's Admirer

Alex Gilmore as Passerby 3

Matthew Turner as Man

Tanja Milojavic as Wife

Nicholas Rowley as Edgar and his Human Form

Produced by Viktor Aurelius

ABA/4077th © 2012

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