Saturday, 7 July 2012

MOSH 304 - The Misadventure of the Slapstick Murders

The Misadventure of the
Slapstick Murders

“Natalyia Ivanova, is this clown bothering you?”

Roll up, roll up! The Circus is in town!  Ladies and Gentlemen please take your seats for the Greatest Show on Earth (or at least on Horsell Common). The Mozhaysk Great Circus arrives in London to present a dazzling display of Russian circus acts. Jugglers! Acrobats! Dancing horses! Lion-taming! …and murder!  

The Misadventure of the Slapstick Murders

Starring Jeff Niles and Elie Hirschman

with Valina Cutler, David Ault, Dave Weaver,
Paeter Frandsen, Abner Senires, Perry Whittle & Viktor Aurelius.

Written by Vince Stadon

Produced and Directed by Jeff Niles. 

Music by Alain Morin, and First Com.

Executive Producers: Wayne Heyward and Valina Cutler (for the 4077th).

Listen for the new TEASER for "Victoria! Empress of the Universe" where Holmes and Watson will Cross-Over into our new Steampunk Universe!


  1. Sirs--that should be "Abner Senires." Thanks.

  2. Woe to me for not using an RSS reader and seeing this new episode almost a month late! In my defense, almost the entire month was spent being on vacation :). But it makes me very glad to see a new episode, congrats! I'll be off to listen it now, can't wait =).