Friday, 19 June 2015

Lance Hardwick Mysteries - Mishuganas from Space - Part 1

Lance Hardwick Mysteries:
"Mishuganas from Space" - Part 1

Synopsis: Lance Hardwick and his trusty sidekick Dick Reardon help a beautiful and self-reliant reporter solve a series of murders that were apparently committed by Clowns, but they soon discover that the Roswell Crash may hold vital clues! And the mysterious Government Agency, The QLT-7, make their appearance for the first time! Make sure to listen to the "After-Credits" scene - if you DARE!

Written, directed and produced by Viktor Aurelius and Jeff Niles

Featured in the cast were:

Viktor Aurelius as The Announcer and Dick Reardon

Glenn Hibburt as Lt. Fox

Timothy French as General Nuisance

Sharon Blumberg as Ida O' Shaunessey

Jeff Niles as Lance Hardwick and the 3rd Officer

David Schütz II as Nikola Tesla and 2nd Officer

Ted Wenskus as Hans Spienel

Caith Donovan as Howard Hughes

Mat Weller as Officer Rooney

James P. Quick the Alien Voice

and Terrance Drye as the Killer

Music by Kevin MacLeod ( )

Auld Lang Syne performed by Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians

Tenderly” written by Walter Gross and performed by Ben Webster

Sound Design by Viktor Aurelius

This Radio Serial is sponsored by Matzo Breakfast Cereal! They are Lance's Favorite!
And Nosh-Cafe' Coffee! Gay Schlaffen swears by it!

© The 4077th and ALL BETTER AUDIO (2015)

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